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Basic CHF Patient Discharge Kit

Hopkins®¬†Discharge Kit for CHF Patients features our new 440lb EZ Carry Digital Scale and a Hopkins XL Pill Planner to help patients manage their congestive heart failure post-discharge. Two of the most important components ofreducing readmissions for CHF patients¬†are effective weight management and medication compliance. Our discharge kit helps CHF patients achieve both of these critical goals. This kit is just another example of how Hopkins identifies the unique needs of patients and healthcare providers and then develops the solutions required to address those needs. Because of the quality of the items included, our CHF Patient Discharge Kit offers tremendous value for individual patients as well as discharge planners at hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

  • Hopkins EZ Carry 440lb Digital Scale
  • Hopkins XL Pill Planner

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Basic CHF Patient Discharge Kit


Basic CHF Discharge Kit

CHF Patient Discharge Kit
Estimated ship date of 05/25/2021
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