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Hard Plastic Biohazard Specimen Container


Use the Hard Plastic Biohazard Specimen Container for storage and transport of samples between patient visits. The hard plastic is durable so that the container is long lasting and does not leak. This biohazard transport container fits in the Hopkins deluxe blood sample transport system and the rolling lab transport system, providing a convenient combination and a variety of choices for utilization.

The specimen transport container has a flip-top lid for easy storing of samples. Its hard plastic makes it effortless to disinfect and clean before and after each use. With the imprinted biohazard label on the top of the container, the product gives enough warning to avoid cross-contamination. The container measures 7.625"L x 6.5"W x 4.5"H.

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5 Stars
Durable plastic specimen container

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We loved this container because it fits perfectly in the bio transport cooler . Hopkins makes high quality medical supplies and delivery was fast :)

Hard Plastic Biohazard Specimen Container

Plastic Container for Specimen Storage and Transport

  • Large plastic specimen container with flip-top lid
  • 7.625"L x 6.5"W x 4.5"H
  • The biohazard transport container┬ástores samples for easy dispatch
  • It fits in the Hopkins deluxe and rolling transport systems, helping manage in-home healthcare settings
  • The hard plastic does not leak, preventing cross-contamination
Hard Plastic Specimen Container w/Biohazard Label
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