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All the Carrying Solutions You Need to Carry You Through Your Shift

We take pride in helping medical professionals feel organized and prepared for the situations they encounter daily. That's why we offer the best selection of totes and home healthcare bags you'll find anywhere.

From keeping supplies and medications neatly in place, to ensuring that patient records are tidy and protected, our premium bags and totes are the ultimate in organization and dependability.

We offer home healthcare shoulder bags in various sizes so you can be sure you have plenty of room, but not too much bag to handle.

Some of our nursing totes have designated records compartments so you can quickly and easily look up and further document patient information to ensure accuracy.

Our EZ view bags feature see-through, resealable pouches that allow you to locate and access important medical supplies with a quick glance.

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Bags and totes are essentials for traveling clinicians and home healthcare providers. Helping medical workers pack their supplies neatly, a good-quality bag is a must-have item. Medical totes serve many other purposes, such as keeping patients' records safe and secure and providing home healthcare workers easy access to important diagnostic tools and supplies. Totes for healthcare practitioners are available in several styles and different materials, including various features. This makes it easy for healthcare workers to find a practical bag that best fits their professional needs.

Types of medical bags

There is a wide variety of bags specially designed for medical workers, including backpacks, nursing totes, physician bags, rolling backpacks, and briefcases. Backpacks are a popular choice for home healthcare providers who travel frequently. Compact and easy to carry, they allow medical workers to fit in all their supplies and gear conveniently. Many backpacks feature ergonomic adjustable shoulder straps and a top handle, so they're easily portable. Doctor bags and physician bags are an elegant addition to your nursing wardrobe. Many doctor bags include high-quality leather and premium metal hardware with functional features like antimicrobial linings and lockable pockets. Antimicrobial medical bags include a protective layer of coating that inhibits fungal and bacterial growth on the bags. This gives healthcare workers peace of mind, knowing their bags will stay clean and hygienic.

How to select medical totes

Ensure the bag is spacious enough to accommodate supplies, diagnostic equipment, and medicines. However, since home healthcare workers travel a lot, the bag needs to be compact and easily portable. Look for bags that include easily accessible pockets that can hold infection prevention supplies like sanitizer packets. Check if the healthcare bag has at least three compartments, one of which should be lockable and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant to safeguard patient privacy. A healthcare professional's backpack or tote must be water- and leak-proof and easily washable, ensuring a high level of hygiene. See-through pockets or pouches allow users to locate essential medical supplies and personal gear like gloves with a quick glance, making them handy. Home healthcare providers can pick a medical supply bag that appeals to their sense of style as they head out for home nursing appointments. Browse Hopkins Medical Products® for a wide variety of bags, totes, carriers, and briefcases all designed with home healthcare workers in mind.

If you have a question about our healthcare bags and totes, please give us a call at 1-800-835-1995. Our customer service staff is happy to help you select the perfect items for you and your organization!

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