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Iso-Vital Signs Kit with Pulse Oximeter

Hopkins Medical Products now offers single patient pulse oximeters across its industry-leading line of Iso-Vital Signs Kits and other single patient diagnostic kits. Hopkins is dedicated to helping hospitals and healthcare professionals improve upon infection prevention best practices, reduce readmissions and eliminate Medicare payment penalties. Our expanding lines of MRSA Kits, Iso-Vital Signs Kits and Single Patient Vital Signs Kits are proven tools to help prevent the spread of HAIs and cross-contamination between healthcare professionals, patients and facilities.

Highly visible yellow cuff makes this sphygmomanometer easy to identify in an isolation environment.

  • Aneroid gauge with nylon cuff - Single patient use
  • Dual head stethoscope
  • HMP single patient digital thermometer
  • Single Patient Pulse Oximeter
  • Biohazard disposal bag

Single Patient Pulse Oximeter Features
  • Display: One Color LCD, Reversible
  • Auto On/Off: Yes
  • Alarm: Visual Preset for Pulse and Sp02
  • Perfusion Index: Percentage Displayed
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Accuracy: +/- 2% 75 to 100% Sp02
  • Battery: 2 AAA Batteries Included

Review Summary

Iso-Vital Signs Kit with Pulse Oximeter


Adult Vital Signs Kit Plus Pulse Oximeter

  • Caregivers can now safely bring Sp02 monitoring to patients in isolation healthcare environments
  • Our new pulse oximeters feature a high-visibility ISO Yellow housing and a high-contrast, reversible LCD screen
Iso-Vital Signs Kit With Pulse Ox Adult
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