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Kelly Hemostat Scissors


The stainless steel composition of the Kelly Hemostat Scissors increases their strength and durability. They’re also resistant to corrosion, preventing them from reacting to chemicals. These hemostat scissors have a locking system to enhance their grip. Tolerance to high temperatures lets users apply hot and cold sterilization methods. Kelly scissors are ideal for clamping in surgical environments. They have long handles with round hoops for comfortable handling during procedures. Choose straight or curved scissors, depending on medical requirements.

Review Summary

Kelly Hemostat Scissors


Surgical Stainless Steel Hemostat

  • Forged from corrosion-resistant surgical stainless steel, this hemostat is built to last
  • Used for clamping and holding
  • Hemostat scissors have stainless steel construction, providing high strength and durability
  • The locking system improves grip
  • High temperature tolerance allows for hot and cold sterilization
5-1/2" Kelly Hemostat Straight
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5-1/2" Kelly Curved Hemostat
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