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EKG Caliper

The steel construction of the EKG Caliper makes it a durable tool that can withstand daily use. Its 4.75" length makes it a versatile solution for measuring and recording vital sign waves. This tool has well-built arms for accurate measurement of tracing intervals. It features a second scale for length, pr, escape, qrs, cycle, coupling, and parasystolic intervals. This EKG measurement tool has a strong plastic cover for protection from impact that can damage the tool. It's also small enough to fit in pockets and pouches, allowing for easy storage. The EKG caliper comes with a reusable Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) carrying case, allowing for easy portability. It's suitable for professional healthcare use. 

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EKG Caliper

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Chrome-Plated Caliper

  • Hardened steel points and arms for accurate measurement of tracing intervals
  • Point protector has built in 40mm scale
  • 4.75"L
EKG Caliper
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