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Disposable Stethoscope Covers


Avoid cross contamination with our disposable stethoscope covers.

Use Disposable Stethoscope Covers to cover stethoscope diaphragms that range from 0.5"–3" in size. Covers help prevent the spread of infectious agents from place to place or patient to patient, helping keep adults and children safe during medical visits. Forming an impenetrable barrier, these disposable stethoscope covers stick easily to the stethoscope's head. Patented by MicroGuard, the stethoscope diaphragm covers don't interfere with the acoustics, and they're simple to remove and discard after use. Coming with fun images to appeal to pediatric patients, these disposable stethoscope covers are in a dispenser box of 250 pieces, making them readily available. 

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Disposable Stethoscope Covers

Single-Use Stethoscope Covers

  • Covers Stethoscope Diaphragms Ranging from 0.5" to 3.0"
  • Designed to cover your stethoscope diaphragm to avoid the spread of infectious agents
  • The impenetrable barrier adheres to your stethoscope head, does not interfere with acoustics, and is easily removed and discarded after use
  • These nursing supplies come in a dispenser box of 250
Disposable Stethoscope Covers - Box of 250
Disposable Stethoscope Covers
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