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BetterShield Full Face Shield is designed to provide better shielding, even on the sides and bottom of the face.

Better how?

Better Shielding: Innovative and patent-pending, the unique 3D CURVED DESIGN provides unmatched droplet-bourne protection, even on sides and bottom of the face.

Better Fit: One-size-fits-all doesn't just happen: extensive design and testing has yielded a premium face shield that securely fits the widest range of users.

Better Liked: Multi-site, multi-ward hospital testing revealed that health care workers prefer BetterShield over the nearest competitor.

Better Storage: We know your storage space is at a premium. That's why BetterShield was designed for ultra-compact stacking.

Better Supply: BetterShield is 100% made in North America, meaning quality, consistency, and speed of delivery. 

Better Price: Premium performance shouldn't come with a premium price tag. That's why with BetterShield, your purchasing department will see its better too.  

The BetterShield full face shield comes in a pack of 25 or a case of 100. Each unit offers one-size-fits-all dimensions to cover the face. The BetterShield full face shield has a 3D contoured design that guards against droplets from all sides, even the bottom of the face. It has good airflow, ventilation, and distortion-free optics, and is adjustable. Healthcare workers get optimal coverage against pathogens in the air and protection from high-level diseases when wearing this face shield. The facial protection shield allows for use with protective goggles or glasses and an N95 mask. Stack these masks for storage. The BetterShield full face shield is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Review Summary


The Most Complete Facial Protection Available

  • Sold in a pack of 25 or a case of 100
  • Securely fits the widest range of users; one size fits all
  • Key features include distortion-free optics, secure fit, adjustability, airflow and ventilation, with a 3D curved design
  • Provides optimum coverage against airborne pathogens, and provides the widest range of coverage for the healthcare worker, protecting them against high level diseases
  • Can also be used together with an N95 mask and/or glasses or protective goggles if required, and is preferred over the traditional flat face shield for better splash protection
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In Stock. Ready to Ship.
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