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HomeSoap UV Sanitizer

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Help prevent contamination and the spread of bacteria with the HomeSoap UV Sanitizer. It has a large interior space that accommodates electronics, such as tablets, and small medical equipment like blood pressure monitors and stethoscopes. Inside the HomeSoap UV Sanitizer, ultraviolet (UV) lights kill germs, making the surfaces of items sanitary and safe to handle. Choose the manual mode, and activate it with the on/off switch, or auto mode for the process to begin when the door closes.

This tablet UV sanitizer works quickly, completing the job in only 10 minutes to minimize downtime. It runs on a rechargeable battery and has both USB and USB-C ports for convenient charging. The vertical design of the HomeSoap UV sanitizer takes up only a small amount of counter or desk space.

Review Summary

HomeSoap UV Sanitizer

Latex Free

Sanitize Large Items in Ten Minutes

  • On/off switch allows users to choose manual or automatic modes
  • Turn on or off the UVC lights as needed
  • Ideal for large tablets and medical equipment
  • Inner dimensions: 93.04mm x 234.61mm x 334.74mm
  • Two USB and USB-C charging ports for universal charging
  • Auto mode begins sanitizing once the door is closed
  • Manual mode allows users to start sanitization
  • Lights turn off after 10 minutes or when users touch the button
  • One-year warranty
HomeSoap UV Sanitizer • 6"W x 15"L x 11.15"H
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