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Specimen Transport Systems

Blood and Specimen Transport Systems from Hopkins Medical

Welcome to the home of the best blood transport systems you'll find anywhere. Browse our extensive line, which includes individual components that allow you to customize your own specimen transport solutions. Mobile healthcare professionals must have the ability to transport samples and other biohazardous materials safely and compliantly. We offer a wide range of solutions to ensure home health nurses and other medical professionals are protected as they move sensitive materials between facilities and various points of care. From our heavy-duty Blood Sample Transport System to our Blood, Urine and Sharps Transport System, you can work confidently knowing you're using the highest quality products available.
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Choosing quality specimen transport systems is of paramount importance for infection control and to protect everyone from biohazardous substances. Also, they're important for medical professionals who are always on the go and need to move specimens from patients' homes to the lab. Hopkins Medical Products® offers a wide choice of solutions to carry different specimens. Insulated pouches maintain an optimal temperature inside to keep the specimens in good condition, convenient ice packs are ideal for items that need to remain refrigerated. Alternatively, there are containers and vial holders of different sizes.

Multiple specimen transport systems available

Most blood specimen transport systems feature a highly visible biohazard sign to enhance workplace safety. Small pouches and containers are useful for blood samples. Disposable bags with a biohazard sign are another convenient solution to carry or store specimens. Most have a convenient zipper-lock closure to prevent spilling and come in different colors for organization.

Large specimen coolers are suitable when carrying a lot of samples or a sizable amount of biohazardous material. For example, there are many large urine transport systems. Some specimen totes feature internal dividers that allow carrying specimens of different temperatures at the same time. Many coolers have zipper pockets to hold paperwork, gloves, or other items.

Choose from rolling lab transport systems that are easy to carry, push or pull, similar to a normal trolley suitcase. To dispose of biohazardous material safely and conveniently, choose from a wide choice of biohazard waste bags that meet all regulations and pass the 165g Dart Resistance Test. Look for specimen transport components such as biohazard labels to stick onto totes or containers where the sign isn't already visible or biohazard containers to ensure multiple specimens are transported separately and securely. Carrying specimens around while keeping them in optimal condition is easy thanks to the right products. Visit Hopkins Medical Products and discover all your options.

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