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Recumbent Measuring Board

Made of a sturdy, unbreakable hardwood for durability and reliable accuracy. The footpiece of the infant measuring device is channeled on an aluminum sideboard for smooth wobble-free operation. A cut-out handle has also been included for increased mobility. Recumbent length refers to stature taken while lying down. Recumbent length is used to measure infants and children less than two years of age, and can also be used for children two-to-three years of age who have great difficulty standing on their own.

Review Summary

Recumbent Measuring Board

Easy-to-Use Baby Measuring Boards

  • Fixed perpendicular headpiece with easy to use "read here" mark
  • Range 9"-39" (21-99cm) with 0.125" (0.3cm) graduation
  • Overall size: 12.5"W x 8.375"H x 43.375"L
  • Weight: 15lb
Recumbent Measuring Board Standard
Replacement Foot Slider for 680416
Replacement Head Piece for 680416
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