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Mechanical Stadiometer

Used to measure height, these Mechanical Stadiometers have a range of 23 5/8"–84", with graduations of 1/4" depicted in white on a black background, making them easy to read. A staple for healthcare workers, the stadiometer consists of an adaptable ruler with an adjustable, horizontal headpiece. This height measurement tool provides precise results with flexible use when mounted flush to the wall and the floor. Made from durable materials, the stadiometer's scale is removable and positioned to the measuring rod's side for easier reading. You can invert the scale to have the prominent large measurement window display in either inches or centimeters, according to preference. This height measurement stadiometer meets the standards for any medical or health facility.

Review Summary

Mechanical Stadiometer

High-Quality Height Measurement Tool

  • High-quality stadiometer that reads like a traditional physician scale height rod
  • Range 23 5/8" - 84"
  • Graduations 1/4" (1/2 cm) 1/2 wide black with white print
  • Mounts flush to floor
Mechanical Stadiometer
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