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Infantometer Baby Measuring Board II

The Infantometer Baby Board II adds the smoothness and enhanced precision of an easy-glide, double-bearing mounted footpiece.

Ideal for clinics and hospitals, the Infantometer Baby Measuring Board II is an essential tool for midwives and in-home nursing caregivers. Designed using smooth, lightweight material, this Infantometer scale is easy to handle. Simply carry it into patients’ rooms or homes for child wellness checkups. The fixed headpiece has a “read here” mark for quick measuring. With a range of 9"–39", this Infantometer tool has incremental gradations of 0.0625" for precise results. It’s ideal for use with children aged up to 2 years. The double-bearing mounted footpiece glides easily into place to rest against the infant’s feet. Clean this measuring equipment with any child-safe disinfectant between patients.

Review Summary

Infantometer Baby Measuring Board II

Infant Measuring Board

  • Fixed perpendicular headpiece with easy to use "read here" mark
  • Range 9" to 39" (21 to 99cm) with 0.0625" (0.1cm) graduation
  • Overall size: 46 7/8" x 14" x 9"
  • Weight: 19lbs
Infantometer- EZ Glide
Estimated ship date of 02/17/2021
Head Piece for 680418
Estimated ship date of 02/17/2021
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