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HotSpot Moist Heat Pack

Relief Pak; moist heat packs and covers are a simple and effective method of applying moist heat. The moist heat packs provides 30 minutes of therapeutic moist heat to soothe discomfort from stiff neck, backache, arthritis, sprains and bruises. The pack can be heated in water on a stove, in a microwave or in a heating unit. When treatment is complete, the pack can be stored for future use. Always apply moist heat pack with a Relief Pak; cover or a heavy towel completely wrapped around the pack.

Review Summary

HotSpot Moist Heat Pack

Simple, Effective Moist Heat Application

  • Provides 30 minutes of therapeutic moist heat
  • Ideal for soothing stiff necks, backaches, arthritis, sprains, and bruises
  • Heat in water on a stove, in a microwave, or in a heating unit
  • Easy to store
  • Recommended to apply with a cover or towel wrapped around the pack
HotSpot Moist Heat Pack - standard size - 10" x 12"
HotSpot Moist Heat Pack - neck contour - 9" x 24"
HotSpot Moist Heat Pack - oversize - 15" x 24"
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