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Unna Boot Gauze Bandages


Lightweight cotton gauze bandages conform easily to bodies and are formulated with nonhardening zinc-oxide paste designed to soothe inflammation, ulcers, rashes, and similar conditions.

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Unna Boot Gauze Bandages

Latex Free

Unna Boots Stretch and Conform for Ease of Use

  • Lightweight cotton gauze bandages stretch and conform to the body
  • Nonhardening zinc-oxide paste helps soothe inflammation, rashes, and ulcers
  • Packaged in a vacuum-sealed foil pouch for a long shelf life
  • Finished selvage edges
  • Ideal for paste bandage applications
  • Rolled-on plastic core
  • Non-Sterile and latex free
4" x 10yd • Econo-Paste
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4" x 10yd • With Calamine
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