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Co-Lastic Bandage

With a high level of cohesiveness and unique nonslip design that adheres to itself, these Co-LasticĀ® Bandages are ideal replacements for tape when treating sensitive or traumatized skin. Designed to provide consistent compression without constriction, the bandages are water resistant and remain securely in place, even in difficult-to-bandage areas. A folded starting edge can be torn to your desired length, reducing waste.

Review Summary

Co-Lastic Bandage

Latex Free

Controlled, Consistent Compression Without Constriction

  • Ideal for treating sensitive or traumatized skin when tape can't be used
  • High level of cohesiveness, protection, compression, and support
  • Nonslip fabric conforms easily to difficult-to-bandage areas
  • Adheres to itself and remains securely in place
  • Water resistant, lightweight, and air permeable
  • Controlled, consistent compression without constriction
  • Folded starting edge can be hand torn to desired length
  • Sterile
Self Adherent Sterile Co-Lastic Bandage, 3" x 5yd
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Self Adherent Sterile Co-Lastic Bandage, 4" x 5yd
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
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