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Border Island Cosmopore Bandage

Protecting the skin and wound areas from harmful contamination and trauma, Border Island Cosmopore® absorbs exudate for a cleaner wound bed. The air- and water-permeable bandage provides secure, flexible adhesion that stays in place even in damp conditions.

Review Summary

Border Island Cosmopore Bandage

Latex Free

Air- and Water-Permeable Wound Contact Layer

  • Provides a sterile wound contact layer that's air and water permeable
  • Conforms to body contours and protects against contamination and trauma
  • Secure adhesion even in damp conditions
  • Absorbs exudate for a clean wound bed
  • Nonwoven, flexible adhesive cover has rounded edges to prevent detachment
  • Wide adhesive border coated with strong, nonsensitizing polyacrylate adhesive
  • 100% cotton is nonadherant
2" x 2"
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4" x 4"
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6" x 6"
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