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Advazorb® Fixation Foam Dressings

Review Summary

Advazorb® Fixation Foam Dressings

Latex Free

Patient-Friendly, Waterproof Tracheostomy Dressing

  • Hydrophilic foam dressing with a soft silicone contact layer and surrounding adhesive
  • Central location button prevents unwanted escape of air when gentle pressure is applied during talking, laughing, coughing, and sneezing
  • Waterproof backing enables patients to shower without covering or changing dressings
  • Secure silicone adhesive allows for pain-free dressing changes
  • Reduces skin injuries related to medical adhesives
  • Low-profile, nonbulky design is skin friendly
  • Sterile dressing designed for single-patient use
Advazorb® Fixation Tracheostomey Foam Dressings • 4.75"W x 4"L
Estimated ship date of 04/27/2021
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