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Mount-Over Ultrasound Probe Storage Cabinet

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The Mount-Over Ultrasound Probe Storage Cabinet complies with the Joint Commission probe-protection requirements, stating that they should hang vertically in a cabinet and be put in a clean environment to protect them from damage or contamination. Its creative design allows it to house existing storage cabinets with maximum dimensions of 21.875"W x 8.5"D x 20.75"H. The ultrasound probe storage cabinet has a four louver vent for efficient airflow. It has five fixed organizing arms to keep the probes hanging and tidy. The wall-mounted medical cabinet's transparent acrylic door has a lock to keep the probes secure. This transparent acrylic material allows for easy viewing of the panel. The ultrasound probe storage cabinet comes in white sanolite that's easy to clean and sanitize.

Review Summary

Mount-Over Ultrasound Probe Storage Cabinet

Prop 65

Cost-Effective, Compliant Decontaminated-Probe Storage

  • Complies with Joint Commission probe-protection requirements
  • Innovative design accommodates and encases existing wall-mounted holders with maximum dimensions 21.875"W x 8.5"D x 20.75"H
  • Four louvered vents for optimal circulation
  • Five built-in organizing arms keep cords wrapped and tidy
  • Transparent acrylic door locks for added security
  • White Sanolite
Ultrasound Transducer Storage Cabinet • 23"W x 12"D x 35"H
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