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Stethoscope Replacement Parts

Stethoscope Replacement Parts from Hopkins Medical

When your stethoscope components wear out, browse our selection of replacement parts before you buy a new unit! From retaining rings and eartips to diaphragms and entire accessory replacement kits, you can count us to provide the parts you need at competitive prices.
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The tradition of the stethoscope dates back to 1816 when Ren Lannec first invented the device. Today, it's one of the most commonly used diagnostic tools, which makes having stethoscope replacement parts a requisite for medical professionals. Single out premium accessories from a trusted retailer with more than 75 years of medical supply experience. Whether you need a stethoscope diaphragm replacement or a chestpiece key for swapping it out, Hopkins Medical Products® has you covered.

Diaphragms and bells

Diaphragm materials include resins, epoxy fiberglass compounds, and Bakelite. These rigid plastics formed in thin disk shapes transmit high-pitched tones. Use them to listen to a patient's breathing or to hear normal heart rhythms. Switch to the concave or bell-shaped side to listen for lower frequency notes like heart murmurs and bowel obstructions. Flexible diaphragms used on dualhead stethoscopes switch from a flat plane to a curved surface when you turn the stem to ensure only one listening pathway at a time remains open. For the best results, choose the right stethoscope replacement parts for the job. Dual-sided chestpieces have a diaphragm on one side and a bell on the other. Specialized diaphragms and bells have features that lend themselves to a certain task. For example, cardiology diaphragms offer premium sound quality to help detect minute changes in heart resonances and make a smart choice for evaluating heart health. Pair this with a pulse oximeter to assist in pulse rate and blood oxygen level analysis.

Chestpieces, rims, sleeves, and eartips

The chestpiece keeps the diaphragm snug to help trap sound waves and direct them through the tubing to the ear tips. Metal chestpieces made of stainless steel elicit the best tonal reverberations. Purchase stainless steel and aluminum or zinc alloy for a slightly less expensive alternative that still presents quality results. Keep patients comfortable and infants calm with nonchill sleeves and rims designed to cover cold metal edges for a more even temperature. These upgraded rims also deliver better suction for more amplified sounds.

Replacement eartips are important for comfort and functionality. An eartip that's too hard or too large may become uncomfortable. Incorrectly sized eartips may also result in a poor seal and a reduction in acoustic performance.

Stethoscope customization tools and kits

Prevent confusion with name tag labels. Choose a tag with enough room to write at least a first initial and last name. Healthcare professionals can personalize blank tags as an expression of identity or label a stethoscope for use with a single client. Name tags should hold firm to the stethoscope while ensuring minimal interference with sound. One size fits most versions grip standardized tubing while keeping frequency paths open. Facilitate stethoscope diaphragm replacement by maintaining a cache of chestpiece keys for each type of stethoscope in your collection. Stethoscope kits from Hopkins Medical Products feature a variety of backup units for a specific brand or model of stethoscope. Spare components may include alternative ear tips, diaphragms, rims, and chestpiece keys. Peruse our stock to find the best selection of stethoscope and sphygmomanometer parts for your needs.

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