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PT/INR Blood Testing Solutions from Hopkins Medical

Those familiar with the Roche CoaguChek system love its accuracy and user friendliness. If you've never used one, you're in for a real treat. There is a reason it is the most popular PT/INR system on the market. The CoaguChek Starter Kit has everything you need to enjoy this innovative, time-saving solution. Need more test strips and lancets? We have those, too.
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PT/INR test kits are important to monitor patients who take warfarin or are at risk for abnormal blood clotting like heavy nosebleeds, heavy menstruation, or bruises that form easily. This type of test may be necessary before surgery to ensure that the patient won't lose too much blood during the procedure.

Involve patients in their PT/INR testing

There are both blood collection supplies to use in the laboratory and compact, practical kits that the patient can use on their own at home. Of course, there are also supplies like test strips with the appropriate chip and lancets. Patients who use at home PT/INR blood testing kits tend to be more involved in their therapy. Studies have shown that these kits are effective and easy to use, and the patients are generally satisfied. They use capillary blood so they don't require phlebotomy needles.

Small testing kits are quick and convenient

Small test kits are very easy to use at home. Many are battery-operated and have auto-off features for increased convenience. The testing process with these devices last a minute or two. Some kits are capable of neutralizing the levels of heparin and LMWH for accurate results. Of course, replacement strips and lancets are available. The strips for most devices have an 18-month shelf life, and the lancets come in large-quantity packaging, with a convenient dispenser.

There are many solutions to keep INR levels always in check from the comfort of home. Find the right product for you at Hopkins Medical Products.

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