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Diagnostic Sets

High-Quality Diagnostic Sets at Affordable Prices

Hopkins Medical is a trusted supplier of leading diagnostic sets and equipment for healthcare organizations around the world. In addition to Hopkins-brand stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, and pulse oximeters, we also carry other respected brands such as Welch Allyn. We offer a comprehensive selection to serve all areas of healthcare, with price points that give our customers the flexibility to make responsible financial decisions about their diagnostics investments.
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Whether working in a large hospital, busy clinic, or visiting patients at home, a diagnostic set is as important as a stethoscope, pulse oximeter, and sphygmomanometer. Diagnostic sets typically include otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, and bright Xenon lamps for proper illumination. Many medical diagnostic sets have disposable specula to accommodate busy healthcare professionals. Rechargeable battery handles are available along with replacement bulbs and standard batteries. On the go healthcare workers can choose diagnostic sets with durable travel cases. Some portable diagnostic sets include a heavy-duty lock, which protects valuable contents against theft.

Small portable diagnostic sets are ideal for healthcare workers on the go

Home healthcare workers and staff in large hospitals benefit from small, portable instruments or diagnostic sets that include one handle with interchangeable heads that conveniently fit in a pocket or small bag. Many pocket units feature integrated illumination and adjustable magnification for increased convenience. Some units include fiber-optic illumination in otoscopes produces a cool light effect.

Heavy-duty diagnostic sets offer convenience in medical environments

Reusable ear specula sets are compatible with operating, pneumatic, and consulting otoscopes because of their universal design. Some ENT diagnostic sets include an otoscope, ophthalmoscope, and a bent arm illuminator that provides additional lighting for examining the oral cavity. Add a diagnostic stethoscope with an acoustic seal to your medical diagnostic kit to monitor the heart during examinations.

High-end otoscopes for daily use

Otoscopes include fiber optics to ensure clear light transmission during physical exams. Choose models with up to 29 viewing lenses to maximize resolution. The ergonomic design of many otoscopes includes a thumb rest section for extended sessions without losing precision. Control otoscope functions, such as magnification, via optical glass using a single finger. LED bulbs in otoscopes come from cost-effective technology, suitable for smaller medical practices on a budget. Rechargeable otoscopes provide up to 120 minutes of full power and fast recharges.

Durable xenon lamps and other products

Xenon lamps offer a bright, white light that provides true tissue color effect for precise examinations. The magnified lens in ophthalmoscopes makes patient checkups more efficient and thorough, practical for busy home healthcare workers and clinics. Include a pulse oximeter in a diagnostic kit to accurately measure pulse rate and oxygen saturation.

Hopkins Medical Products® carries a wide range of diagnostic and other types of kits. Select those that improve efficiency, leaving more time for good patient communication.

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