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120v Plugin Rechargeable Battery Handle


Caregivers can perform visual exams of the eardrum and passage of the outer ear using this 120V Plugin Rechargeable Battery Handle, providing infinite light intensity control. Its adtronic electronic rheostatic light intensity control features an auto-off after 2 minutes. The C-size otoscope handle offers a comfortable grip to healthcare workers during each examination. The handle has a 1400 maH rechargeable Li-ion battery, delivering 2 to 3 hours of use with a xenon lamp and 30 hours using LEDs after 24 hours of charging. The device has 1200 charging cycles, providing a long life of service.

The ophthalmoscope battery handle comes in solid brass with a chrome-plated ribbed handle in black for a steady grip. The bayonet-style mount enables the instrument to operate with major brands of 3.5V diagnostic heads. The top half unscrews to plug into the wall outlet for charging the handle. 

Review Summary

120v Plugin Rechargeable Battery Handle

  • C-sized handle with 1400 maH rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • CNC machined from solid brass, the handle is chrome plated in black with a ribbed surface for a sure grip
  • Adtronic electronic rheostatic light intensity control provides infinite continuous control and auto off feature after 2 minutes
  • Top half of handle unscrews to access wall plug
  • Li-ion battery provide 2-3 hours continuous use with Xenon, 30 hours use with LED when charged for 24 hours. Up to 1200 charge cycles
  • Bayonet instrument mount is compatible with all major brands of 3.5v instrument heads
  • Two year warranty
120v Rechargeable Battery Handle
Estimated ship date of 05/24/2021
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