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Venoscope II

Venoscope-II Venoscope-II

Whether you're assessing a patient for drawing blood or starting an IV, the new VENOSCOPE II will light your way. The VENOSCOPE II transilluminator aids healthcare professionals in accurately assessing their patient's venous network. Locating, illuminating and securing veins from rolling reduces the need for multiple sticks. This means more comfort for your patients, less risk of exposure to infection, and cost savings in terms of wasted nursing time and prep materials. This technology aids in determining the vein's direction of travel, size and whether the vein is sclerotic or patent, making it an instrumental add to your nursing supplies.

The device is powered by 3 AA alkaline batteries (NOT INCLUDED). A low battery indicator will signal that the batteries need to be changed. There are two power levels for different applications.

The Venoscope II vein finder is useful in every situation where peripheral veins must be accessed. It is applicable for obese adults as well as neonates and small children where traditional single pole transilluminators fail. It is an indispensable tool used by physicians for sclerotherapy and ambulatory phlebectomy.

The Venoscope II may be wiped with alcohol or bleach solution, but it must not be submerged. Disposable protective covers are available for order separately to protect the device from contamination for infection control.

Includes Velstretch® strap. '

Project light directly into the patient’s subcutaneous tissue during medical examinations with the Venoscope II. Locate hard to find veins easily while reducing the need for multiple sticks into patients’ arms. Because of the high-intensity LED light, the Venoscope II transilluminator is ideal for dark-skinned, elderly, bariatric, dehydrated, and obese patients and those suffering from renal and advanced cardiac diseases.

This professional vein finder device helps reduce the waste of various materials like syringes, midline trays, and needles. Because of its solid plastic construction, you can clean the Venoscope II easily with bleach or alcohol solution, causing no damage to the device. Use the included Velstretch strap to secure the illuminator for a safer needle application.

Venoscope II

Review Summary

Venoscope II

Venoscope II Transilluminator

  • Utilizes an array of high intensity LED lights to transilluminate the patient's subcutaneous tissue thereby highlighting the veins which absorb the light rather than reflecting it
  • Batteries not included
  • 1-Year Warranty
Venoscope II
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