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Venoscope II Protective Covers

If you count the Venoscope II among your nursing supplies, then you need these Disposable Venoscope II Protective Covers, which are made of clear plastic, no latex, and are designed to cover the Venoscope II so that blood or body fluids do not contaminate the light. The covers are packaged in a convenient tear away pack of 50 covers per pack.

Simply tear one of the covers off the pack and slip the Venoscope II into it. The cover is designed to fold over to cover the entire light. Pull the cover over the arms so that there is a clear field of vision between the arms when in use.

After use, discard the cover. You may wipe the light with alcohol preps or bleach wipes f

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Venoscope II Protective Covers

Protect Your Venoscope II Transilluminator

  • 50 per pack
Venoscope II Protective Covers 50/PK
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