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Diabetic Foot Assessment Kit w/Mini Doppler II D900

As vascular calcification rarely extends to the digital arteries, a more reliable measurement of peripheral arterial disease in people with diabetes is the absolute toe pressure or the toe-brachial pressure index (TBPI). (Vowden)

Toe pressures are directly related to the likelihood of foot ulceration healing. With absolute toe pressures above 55mmHg, 97% of diabetic foot ulcers healed, whereas with pressures of less than 30mmHg only 40% healed. (Carter)


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  • Carter SA. (1993) Role of pressure measurement, In:Bernstein EF (ed). Vascular Diagnosis, Mosby 486-512

Diabetic Foot Assessment Kit w/Mini Dopplex II D900
  • D900 Non-Directional Doppler
  • 8MHz Doppler Probe
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • Arm/Ankle cuff
  • Large toe cuff
  • Small toe cuff
  • 10g monofilament
  • Educational video
  • ABPI guide
  • TBPI guide
  • Tube of ultrasound gel
  • Headphones
  • Large polypropylene case

Review Summary

Diabetic Foot Assessment Kit w/Mini Doppler II D900

Ideal Kit for Assessing the Feet of Diabetic Patients

  • Ideal for assessing the neuropathic and ischemic foot of the diabetic patient
  • Measure Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI)
  • Measure toe pressures TBPI
  • Detect neuropathy
Diabetic Foot Assessment Kit w/Mini Doppler II D900
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