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CoaguChek® PT Test Strips


Use the CoaguChek® PT Test Strips with the Roche International Normalized Ratio (INR) meters to help monitor if a patient's warfarin dosing is accurate. Each test strip inserts into the testing meter. The CoaguChek XS test strips deliver dosing from left, right or top of the finger for smooth administration.

The dosing size is at 8µL, using a fingerstick that is noninvasive and comfortable. The Roche CoaguChek test strips allow doctors to plan precise adjustments as necessary so that prothrombin time (PT) and INR levels stay in range. Strips carry a 21-month shelf life from the manufacturing date. Each box contains 2 x 24 test strips. 

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CoaguChek® PT Test Strips

CoaguCheck XS Test Strips with Chip

  • Box of 48
  • Roche #04625315016
  • CoaguChek® PT test strips help monitor warfarin levels for accurate care
  • Each box comes with 48 test strips
  • PT/INR test strips are small for comfort and discretion
CoaguChek® PT Test Strips
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