With an easy-to-use analyzer that provides results in five minutes, this innovative A1CNow+ system allows clinicians to communicate face-to-face with patients about their diabetes control in minutes, rather than days. The small, portable monitor only requires a small amount of blood and fits easily in med bags for on-the-go use.

Review Summary

A1CNow+ with 20-Count Test Kit

Accurate A1C Results in Five Minutes

  • Easy-to-use system obtains accurate A1C results in five minutes
  • Allows clinicians to communicate with patients about their diabetes control within minutes
  • Handheld, portable monitor is ideal for testing patients at different sites
  • Only requires a small blood sample (5μL)
  • NGSP Certified and CLIA waived
  • Maintenance-free, disposable system is fully reimbursable
  • Refrigerate during storage
A1CNow+ with 20-Count Test Kit
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