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Neuropen Device

Quickly detect possible neuropathy in patients with the Neuropen Device, which offers two calibrated tests. With this tool and a combination of symptomatic and clinical assessments, medical professionals can identify individuals who are at risk of foot ulceration. It is the first pocket-sized, dual purpose device that works as an aid and provides a safe, reliable neuropathy test. The pocket-sized Neuropen Device is practical for healthcare workers and takes up very little space. Each neuropathy pen includes a clip for practical attachments to a belt or notebook. The Neutopen device works with Owen Mumford Neurotips (595405) and Monofilaments (590104)

Review Summary

Neuropen Device

Helps Detect Neuropathy

  • Neuropen is a Neuropathy screening device
  • Combines two calibrated tests
  • Enables the clinician to identify those patients most at risk of foot ulceration; when used in conjunction with symptomatic and clinical assessments
  • Use with Owen Mumford Neurotips (595405) and Monofilaments (590104)
Neuropen Device
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