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Blood Glucose Test Strips

Almost anyone with diabetes can be helped by self-testing of blood glucose. Under a doctor's care, self-testing can help you manage near-normal blood glucose levels. The Accu-Chek Instant Glucose test strip, used as directed with the Accu-chek Instant, Accu-Chek InstantPlus, or Accu-Chek Instant DM monitor, will accurately measure your capillary blood glucose value. The strip changes color as it reacts to glucose in a drop of blood, and the monitor measures this color change. Your blood glucose level is then displayed by the monitor. '

The Accutrend Blood Glucose Test Strips give results after 12 seconds, offering a rapid detection of glucose levels from the blood. It requires only one drop of blood ― about 1.5µl ― making for a very comfortable and easy to handle operation. The Accutrend glucose test strip has a yellow protective mesh with an application field that acts as a separating layer for the blood cells. Blood glucose test strips have a bar code on the reverse that enables the meter to verify the test strip’s identity. It has a reaction film where the color formation takes place. The tight cap and light, waterproof container make it easy to transport and store the strips. It comes in a pack of 25 strips.

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Test Strips

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Never have had any issues with test strips in 3yrs with Hopkins Medical

Blood Glucose Test Strips

Instant Glucose Test Strips

  • Contents: 25 test strips, one Accu-Chek Glucose Code Strip
  • The Accutrend glucose test strip gives results in 12 seconds, making the entire routine comfortable
  • The waterproof container provides the ideal conditions for storage
  • Easy to handle with high precision
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