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Essential Tools and Supplies Every Healthcare Worker Needs

Essential Tools and Supplies Buying Guide

What is a tool kit in healthcare? Every healthcare professional needs tools and supplies, no matter what their specialty. A medical starter kit is a great investment for newcomers to the field and seasoned healthcare workers. These kits contain a selection of must-have tools and keep essentials organized in one place, ready for whenever they are needed.

Get Everything You Need at Once with a Starter Kit

Starter kits contain essential tools and supplies every healthcare worker needs, with a special emphasis on the equipment needed by healthcare professionals who are beginning their careers. Most of our starter kits come with one of our Hopkins professional bags, making it easy to keep everything in one place. 

Clinician Kits

Clinician starter kits include items needed to deliver nursing care. Most have standard equipment such as a sphygmomanometer, dual-head stethoscope, biohazard bags, CPR barriers, and disinfectants. Consider a clinician starter kit that comes with a bag or tote for all-in-one versatility. The carriers range from simple ergonomic bags to large storage containers designed to fit in the back seat or trunk of a vehicle. Some of these kits vary in supplies, depending on specific needs.

Vital Signs Kits

Most vital signs kits include a sphygmomanometer, a thermometer, and a stethoscope. Some also include a pulse oximeter and other useful tools such as a penlight and PPO equipment. Hip packs are handy so you can easily access your tools anywhere. These on-the-go kits are ideal for many types of healthcare workers since they include tools that almost everyone will need.

Home Healthcare Worker Kits

If you visit patients in the field, consider a home health aide kit or home physical therapy kit.  As starter kits, a home health aide version comes with a bag and provides essential products used by nurses in most home care settings. You can check vital signs, take temperatures, and use a spill cleanup kit as necessary. A physical therapist home call kit is a great option that has the tools and materials to provide patient care. It includes basic materials including wound care supplies, a blood pressure monitor, thermometer, and stethoscope. Whatever situation you run into on PT home visits, you'll be ready to deliver. 

Compact Responder Kits

Have the ultimate tool if you are a first responder or an EMT. A compact responder kit keeps medical supplies at hand when you first arrive on the scene. They contain wound care supplies, essential diagnostic equipment, and resuscitation gear. Equipment and supplies come neatly organized for immediate response to an injured person. First responder bags are easy to open and close, with clear compartments that make it easy to find critical supplies. 

Professional Nursing Kits 

What are healthcare tools that nurses need? Professional nursing kits help make it easy for you to care for your patients, whether you're seeing patients in their homes, in a clinic, or a hospital. A nurse trunk kit works well for mobile nurses and is ideal for storing in a vehicle trunk or back seat. They contain essential supplies, including catheters, drain bags, staple removers, dressings, and suture removal trays. Some kits feature clear compartments so you can locate what you need quickly. An RN starter kit contains most items needed to carry out standard nursing. They come with a bag that has clear, easy-view compartments and plenty of supplies. 

Carry Supplies in User-Friendly Bags

As your collection of equipment grows, you may find the bag supplied with your starter kit isn't large enough for all your tools. We offer the best selection of bags and totes you'll find anywhere. Some options include: 


Convenient backpacks offer healthcare professionals a way to transport their diagnostic tools safely. Medical backpacks are versatile for use by nurses, midwives, doctors, and medical students. Most include compartments for sharps as well as clean/dirty compartments. Rolling backpacks made it easy to haul heavy supplies throughout the workday. Some carriers come outfitted with HIPAA-compliant, lockable zipper compartments. Backpacks with lumbar and sternum support straps help to reduce pressure on the lower back. Some include dual-layer foam padding with ergonomic straps for added cushioning. Consider backpacks that redistribute the weight on both sides of a practitioner, so supplies are carried with less strain.

Wheeled Medical Bags 

Use wheeled medical carriers for easy transport. They include telescoping handles, and some contain separate compartments for easy transportation of clean and dirty items. Some are HIPAA-compliant and come with combo locks to secure supplies and documents. Consider multi-pocket, rolling duffle bags as they offer a tremendous amount of storage. Most come with lined compartments and recessed wheels. One specialized carrier option is the rolling lab transport system. These carriers help mobilize a complete phlebotomy setup. They include multi-use ice packs for specimen transport. You can organize multiple specimen tubes in biohazard containers. These bags usually have ample compartments for supplies, keys, phones, and extra accessories.

Laptop Pouches and Tablet Sleeves

Organize your medical bag to ensure safe transport of essential technology. Handy laptop and tablet bags range from single-use to multi-task bags with combo locks. Some standard laptop and tablet sleeves have hook and loop closures. Others include interior and exterior envelope pockets as well as shoulder-strap options. Multi-task nursing bags hold a laptop with a fold-down workspace and include paperwork and equipment storage areas. Select bags offer secure laptop storage and HIPAA-compliant security zippers and locks. 

Medical Bag and Tote Accessories

Many starter kits come with a bag or tote, but you may find some add-ons such as antimicrobial bag barriers and HIPAA-compliant locks useful. Other helpful accessories include:

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