Body Fat Analyzer Model HBF-306

Fat-free mass such as muscles, blood and bones are tissues that have high water content and conduct electricity easily. Body fat is tissue that has little electric conductivity. The BIA technology inside the HBF-306 Body Fat Analyzer uses this difference in electrical conductivity to measure body fat in regards to total body weight.

Simply stand up straight with your feet slightly apart, grip the handles; enter your height, weight, age, and gender; and then press "START." Your personal information can be saved in 1 of the 9 personal memory storage areas.

In just 7 seconds get a true picture of your health with this hand held analyzer. Your body fat percentage and body fat mass index are shown simultaneously in an easy-to-see large digital display. The body fat is displayed from a range of 4.0%-50.0%, body mass index from 7.0%-90.0%, plus the BMI is classified in 4 levels.

The HBF-306 has two modes for accurate results for athletes and non-athletes. Guidelines provided based on the FIT index (Frequency, Intensity and Time) to determine which mode to use, Athlete or Normal . Guest Function - allows guest to check body fat without storing personal data in memory.

This hand held body fat analyzer is powered by 2 AAA batteries (R03). You may use alkaline batteries (LR03). Battery life is approximately 1 year when used twice a day.

Please note: This unit is not suitable for users who have any kind of medical electronic device such as: pacemakers, electrocardiograph, etc. Also avoid using this unit on children on growth stage, postmenopausal women, people with fever, people who have swelling, patients with osteoporosis who have very low density, patients undergoing dialysis and bodybuilders or professional athletes. Do not use this unit with wet fingers.

Review Summary

Body Fat Analyzer

Accurate Body Fat Analyzer

  • Display: Body fat percentage (4.0%-50.0%), body mass index (7.0%-90.0%), BMI classification (4 levels)
  • Save time with 9 personal profile memory
  • User Modes: Adult, Athlete and Guest
  • Adult is defined for ages from 10-80 years
  • Athlete is defined for ages from 18-60 years
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 440.5lbs (220.25 Kg)
  • Minimum Weight Capacity: 23 lbs (10.45 Kg)
  • Power Source: 2 AAA Batteries (R03), included
  • 1 year warranty¬†
Body Logic Pro Body Fat Analyzer
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