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Nylon Blood Pressure Units

Handheld BP Units for All Patients

We have all the sphygmomanometers you need to measure vitals on any patient. Choose from adult, large adult, and pediatric models. Every size can be operated easily with one hand. You'll also enjoy peace of mind as all our sphygmomanometers carry a lifetime warranty on gauge calibration.
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Why is Blood Pressure Measurement Important?

Measuring vitals allows healthcare workers to determine if patients have hypertension. Accurate health recordings help identify the potential for heart disease or stroke and are an effective tool for monitoring and managing the overall condition of patients with chronic illness, including cardiovascular issues. Blood pressure units form an integral part of every healthcare workers medical supply kit. There are several varieties available including digital and manual sphygmomanometers. Handheld BP machines feature a convenient size and fit in compact carrying cases, which make them a practical choice for healthcare workers who commute between various points of care.

Why use nylon pressure cuffs?

Enhance patient comfort and ensure device durability by choosing the right material for your sphygmomanometer units. Nylon cuffs make a smart choice for a variety of clinical settings. Sanitize this material for reuse with multiple clients and promote improved hygiene. This durable textile offers an easy to maintain, long-lasting solution to help monitor patients. Nylon is a latex-free option, which prevents the onset of uncomfortable and potentially life-threatening allergy symptoms in those with rubber sensitivities.

Different types of arm cuffs
For greater comfort during the BP assessment procedure, consider cotton blood pressure units for their soft and breathable qualities. In-home clients appreciate the smooth feel of the cushioned fabric against skin, which makes the devices a common choice for palliative care. Disposable arm wraps are single-patient or limited-use components appropriate to treat individuals with infectious diseases.

How to choose nylon BP measuring units

For care advocates, it's important to opt for sturdy monitoring devices that can withstand frequent travel and multifold use. Nylon cuffs meet this requirement, offering reliable service. Caregivers who see a variety of patients should select nylon cuffs that fit a range of arm diameters to ensure optimum results. Invest in a full assortment of nylon wrap sizes to ensure you're able to assess a multitude of patients of varying ages and weights. Nylon-based cuffs are available across a wide spectrum of sizes, including adult, large adult and pediatric models, making it easy to find items that cater to medical workers' assessment needs.

Hopkins Medical Products® features a wide range of sphygmomanometers, including handheld BP machines, digital blood pressure monitors and automatic devices, as well as cuffs and a variety of replacement parts to suit all needs.

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