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Blood Pressure Unit Accessories

Convenient BP Unit Accessories from Hopkins Medical

For blood pressure units to provide accurate readings, they must be properly calibrated and well cared for. Hopkins Medical provides the accessories you need to ensure your units remain in tip-top shape. They are depended on and ideal for travel nurses and home healthcare workers. Protect against weather, corrosion, and drops. Be sure to check that the accessory works with your BP unit.
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In the United States, there are almost 108 million adults with hypertension, making blood pressure units one of the most critical tools of the medical trade. Whether you prefer a manual or digital sphygmomanometer, Hopkins Medical Products® features a comprehensive line of carrying cases and replacement parts.

Portable carrying cases

Zippered closure portable carrying cases for blood pressure monitoring supplies offer easy access to essential tools in emergencies. Carriers made of low maintenance, durable fabrics help keep vital equipment in top working order with minimal effort. Lightweight nylon fabrics produce totes with strong, abrasion-resistant fibers and a smooth, easy-to-clean surface, while bags made of 600D waterproof polyester offer a strong alternative to nylon that protects items against water damage. Look for a carrying case with a shoulder strap to transport heavier equipment like multicuff systems, which include cuffs of varying sizes. Opt for a padded case to add shock absorption and help reduce the risk of drop damage.

Replacement parts for blood pressure cuffs

Keep blood pressure monitor accessories on hand to maintain sphygmomanometers and ensure precise readings. To secure the air bladder in place, choose a well fitting, reusable cuff for each long term, at home patient, and maintain a supply of single-use blood pressure unit cuffs on hand for unexpected situations. Cuffs and air bladders come in small, medium, and large sizes. Ensure accurate readings with an air bladder that covers approximately 80% of the client's upper arm circumference for the most accurate readings. Look for latex free cuffs, air bladders, and bulbs to protect patients and healthcare professionals with skin sensitivities. Select a manual manometer for caregivers or give patients control over their own health with an easy to read digital manometer. Luer cuff connectors restrict and release the air pressure built up in the bladder by the bulb. A connector with a textured knob allows for precision use.

Digital arm cuff accessories

Digital blood pressure gauges give people with little to no training the ability to check their own blood pressure. A pressure sensor detects vibrations in the arterial wall and translates that data to a screen for precise interpretation. Make sure clients always have the tools they need on hand to monitor their own blood pressure by keeping essential replacement parts in stock. Wireless units often require double- or triple-A batteries to operate, while corded units need a specialized AC adapter. Some monitors also can upload and transfer blood pressure data to medical professionals via smartphone or computer but may require the use of a USB cable.

Browse Hopkins Medical Products to supply home health aides with the blood pressure monitor accessories they require. Find a variety of replacement parts to ensure equipment works correctly and accurately.

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