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BP Cuff Luer Connector Set - Male and Female


Get the BP Cuff Luer Connector Set: Male and Female that is compatible with several inflation components and systems. These blood pressure connectors work well with a variety of sphygmomanometer models and designs. The design of this BP cuff connectors make disconnecting and connecting seamless while providing leak-free seals. Inline connections help keep this male-female Luer lock connector away from cross-contamination and patient tampering. With no movable parts, these Luer connectors are simple to clean. In addition, the sturdy metallic design ensures these blood pressure connectors are long-lasting.

Review Summary

BP Cuff Luer Connector Set - Male and Female

Luer Connector Set for Aneroid Sphygs

  • Metal connectors
  • The BP cuff connector set features both male and female parts
  • Comes with a sturdy metallic design
  • Easy to connect and disconnect
Luer Connector Set • Male And Female
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