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Togu Pilates Circle

The Premium Pilates Circle from Togu is a stability ring designed for people who want to train against resistance. Suitable to use when doing Pilates or yoga, this device is a fantastic exerciser on its own. The included Training Chart details the exercises that can be done with the Circle to strengthen the core, back, legs, and upper core. Additionally, the Circle will also aid in improving flexibility and mobility. The Circle is a premium fiberglass ring that features soft handles. How, where and with what a user squeezes it with allows training to different muscle groups. The Circle is amazingly effective at improving the muscle tone of the inner and outer thighs, arms and chest. The fiberglass core is incredibly sturdy and the outer rubber covering is durable to handle the toughest of workouts. The ergonomic foam handles ensure a steady grip that slip or slide off. With a 14" diameter and less than 1.5" thick, the Circle is easy to store and take on the go. Easy to clean needing just a damp, warm cloth and mild soap.

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Togu Pilates Circle

Latex Free
Prop 65

Stability Ring for Resistance Training

Togu Pilates Circle
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