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HIPAA Solutions

Never Worry About HIPAA Compliance Again

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 requires that patient records be kept private and that certain safeguards be implemented to ensure that patient data is not disclosed without proper authorization. Home health nurses and other healthcare professionals are required to transport patient records and sensitive documents regularly. This requires special features for nursing bags and other means of records transport. Hopkins Medical has been a leading innovator of HIPAA compliance solutions since the introduction of the legislation, and we continue examine and test new ways to keep these records private and safe.
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In 1996, the United States government enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which set regulations for protecting patient health information creating a need for reliable HIPAA solutions. Hopkins Medical Products® offers a line of HIPAA compliant items to help you meet these requirements. Find security labels, privacy screens, lockable legal size bags, and miniature locks to secure them.

Confidentiality labels and privacy screens

Confidentiality labels use special monochromatic and colored patterns to camouflage data when applied and prepare items for the trash. Once covered, the personal health information blends into the pattern, and people can't make out what it says from the front or back. If someone attempts to remove a label, the ultra permanent adhesive shreds the information leaving it illegible. These stickers come in a variety of sizes to cover an array of text blocks on a wide selection of items, including charts, forms, and IV bags. Privacy screens have multiple beneficial effects. Their primary job keeps people from reading the screen while standing off to the side, but it also blocks glare to improve contrast resulting in better viewing for the user. HIPAA conforming screens also create a barrier between sensitive LCD screens and debris to help prevent scratches. Some screens work with touchscreens, and most have simple installation and removal instructions.

HIPAA compliant totes

Many home health aides spend most of their day away from the office traveling between clients. To remain HIPAA compliant while on the road, keep documents in a locking file storage bag and always keep vehicle doors locked to adhere to the double-lock guideline. Find totes that accommodate chart binders and letter and legal-sized bags for file folders and loose documents. Keep papers neat and organized with bags that include file hanging hardware. Bring patient aids and office supplies along for the ride with totes that feature plenty of pockets. Look for bags made of strong materials like bulletproof nylon or waterproof 600D polyester. Gussets help bags stand on end and add extra room for easier item retrieval and storage while increasing strength to carry heavier loads. Expandable zippers change the volume of carrying cases to accommodate load sizes that frequently change.

HIPAA compatible locks

Select a miniature lock suitable for a secure file tote that offers superior protection to keep documents safe and conform to HIPAA guidelines. Affordable brass and steel locks resist rust and corrosion, and brass locks can also stand up to most hammer attacks. When setting combo locks, choose a series of difficult to guess numbers. Keyed combination locks ensure you can reset a forgotten code. Locks with three number choices feature codes with 1,000 possible answers, while four number locks have 10,000 options. Choose Hopkins Medical Products® for your HIPAA solutions and record management needs.

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