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AirSoap Air Purifier

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Designed as the superior alternative to HEPA based air purifiers, AirSoap is proven to capture particles as small as 14nm, as compared to traditional HEPA filters that only capture particles down to 300nm. Electric Wind Technology generates a high energy plasma field that kills bacteria and viruses and polarizes airborne particles. The bacteria are then collected in a filterless graphene system, resulting in air that is cleaner and healthier than what traditional filter based air purifiers can provide.

Review Summary

AirSoap Air Purifier

Latex Free

Purifier is Proven to Kill 99.99% of Airborne Viruses

  • Uses washable, reusable collection plates that are more economical and ecofriendly than traditional HEPA filters
  • Electric Wind Technology™ generates a high-energy plasma field that kills bacteria and viruses and polarizes airborne particles
  • Whisper quiet and ultra low energy consumption
  • Captures particles as small as 14nm
  • Eliminates the need for replacement filters
  • Kills and captures even the smallest viruses that HEPA can’t
  • Handles room sizes up to 400sq ft on average
  • One year warranty
AirSoap Air Purifier • 10.25"W x 10.6"D x 21.06"H
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