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The use of metal shoe horns prolongs the life of your shoes by preventing the backs of your shoes from being crushed. These highly functional shoe horns make it easy to put shoes on, without excessive bending. Durable and long-lasting. A hole near the top of the Shoe Horn allows for easy storage. Metal, 24 inch

Review Summary


Easily Slip on Shoes

  • Easily put on shoes without excessive bending
  • Ideal for patients with back backs, hip pain, or arthritis
  • Flexible Shoe Horn has a hand grip for ease of grasping
  • Metal Shoe Horn prolongs shoe life by preventing shoe backs from being crushed
Shoehorn, Metal, 24"
Estimated ship date of 04/28/2021
Shoehorn, Flexible Plastic, 18"
Estimated ship date of 04/28/2021
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