Three 1-½" deep compartments keep food separated. Two smaller sections hold 6.75 oz. The larger one has a 12.6 oz. capacity. High compartment walls may be used to push food onto forks and spoons. Stackable with clear plastic covers for easier transporting and storing of food. Diameter measures 8¼" (20 cm). Dishwasher and microwave safe with cover, sandstone, 8"

Review Summary

Partitioned Scoop Dish with Cover


Plate Easily Separates Food

  • Three 1.5" deep compartments separate food
  • Larger section has a 12.6oz capacity; smaller compartments can hold 6.75oz
  • High-compartment walls can be used to push food onto utensils
  • Clear plastic cover and stackable design for ease food storage and transport
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe with cover
Partitioned scoop dish with cover, sandstone, 8"
Estimated ship date of 05/03/2018
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