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AdScope 658 Electronic Stethocope

Created as a cost-effective alternative to similar models, the AdScope 658 Electronic Stethoscope is amplified up to 18x and works with any patient, including pediatric. A tight acoustic seal minimizes sound loss and external interference, while conveniently located button controls allow for frequency-mode and volume adjustment. The intuitive stethoscope powers on instantly when it detects use, shuts off completely after three idle minutes, and lasts for up to 400 three-minute exams on a full charge.

AdScopeĀ® 658 Electronic Stethoscope
  • Micro USB cable
  • Scope ID tag
  • 3 pairs of eartips

Review Summary

AdScope 658 Electronic Stethocope

Latex Free

Your Value-Engineered Electronic Stethoscope

  • Amplified up to 18x
  • Plezopolymer film microphone picks up sounds only when activated by contact to eliminate higher-frequency background noises that typically interfere with auscultation
  • Tight acoustic seal minimizes sound loss and interference from external noise
  • Adjustable frequency mode (bell or diaphragm) and the volume (eight levels)
  • Powers on instantly and remains on and backlit while the unit detects use
  • Backlight shuts down after sensing nonuse for 15 seconds; scope shuts off completely after three idle minutes
  • High-impact thermoplastic housing designed to withstand impact
  • Stainless-steel aural tubes
  • Nonchill diaphragm
  • Twenty hours of continuous use on a full charge
AdScopeĀ® 658 Electronic Stethoscope
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