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Bariatric Inflation System

This specially designed Latex-Free Bariatric Adcuff is designed for use with most manual sphygmomanometers. Its conical shape fits upper arm limb circumference from 40-66cm. The circumference of a thigh cuff and the narrower width of the large adult with a radically curved shape allow for this blood pressure cuff to offer a snug fit for even the most conically shaped upper arm.

Review Summary

Bariatric Inflation System

Latex Free

Latex-Free Inflation System Designed for Bariatric Patients

  • Adcuff nylon cuff with size guide marking system
  • Custom sized Latex-Free inflation bladder
  • Adflow oversized bulb and valve with filter screen allows faster inflation of the larger cuff
  • Luer Connector for quick connect with interchangeable aneroid systems
  • Contoured in shape to fit large arms better than a thigh cuff, which has traditionally been used on bariatric patients
Bariatric 2 Tube Inflation System
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