Ideal for all patients, this recyclable bedpan combines the benefits of standard and orthopedic bedpans. The super-absorbent, easy-to-use kit turns organic liquids into gels, making it easy and safe to dispose of waste, while reducing odors, splashing, and spilling.

What you get
  • Bedpan
  • Six hygienic covers

Review Summary

Bedpan Hygiene Kit

Recyclable Bedpan Reduces Mess and Odors

  • Bedpan kit reduces odors, splashing, and spilling by turning organic liquids into gels
  • Simplifies caregiver work and makes it easy and safe to discard waste
  • Super-absorbent bags and covers limit the spread of harmful bacteria
  • Two-in-one design combines the benefits of standard and orthopedic bedpans
  • Bedpan handles allow for a stronger grip
  • Angled design and bedpan edges increase safety and stability during use
  • Durable, recyclable polypropylene plastic
  • Super-absorbent bags and covers
  • Supports designed for discretion and ease of use
Bedpan Hygiene Kit
Estimated ship date of 08/22/2017
Hygienic Covers® for Bedpan/Commode Chair
Estimated ship date of 08/25/2017
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