Ideal for all patients, this recyclable bedpan combines the benefits of standard and orthopedic bedpans. The super-absorbent, easy-to-use kit turns organic liquids into gels, making it easy and safe to dispose of waste, while reducing odors, splashing, and spilling.

Review Summary

Bedpan Hygiene Kit

Recyclable Bedpan Reduces Mess and Odors

  • Bedpan kit reduces odors, splashing, and spilling by turning organic liquids into gels
  • Simplifies caregiver work and makes it easy and safe to discard waste
  • Super-absorbent bags and covers limit the spread of harmful bacteria
  • Two-in-one design combines the benefits of standard and orthopedic bedpans
  • Bedpan handles allow for a stronger grip
  • Angled design and bedpan edges increase safety and stability during use
  • Durable, recyclable polypropylene plastic
  • Super-absorbent bags and covers
  • Supports designed for discretion and ease of use
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