General-Purpose-Utility-Drape-Adhesive Strip

These blue multi-purpose drapes are perfect add-ons to other drapes, helping to complete the procedural draping field. The adhesive strip is edge-aligned to minimze drape lift and to prevent any fluid accumulation under the drape. These nursing supplies come 2 drapes/package and 50 packages/carton. Measures 15 1/2" x 25".

Review Summary

Sterile SMS General Purpose Utility Drape

Multi-Purpose Utility Drapes with Adhesive Strip

  • Ideal for use as a squaring drape to define sterile field
  • Great for general surgical and minor surgical procedures
  • Made of soft, no memory SMS fabric: spunbonded/meltblown/spunbonded
General Purpose Utility Drape With Adhesive Strip
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